Meet the Cast: Sam!

The One Die Short Web Series, currently in production, is based on the comedic webcomic of the same name.  It follows four friends through the mayhem of life, love and roleplaying games.  Enjoy the comic archives above as you count down for the release of Season 1 in January of 2014!  Prepare yourself for awesome, geek overload!

Today, we meet Pallas Ravae, who will be playing Sam, everyone’s favorite half-geek lady:


Pallas, who started rolling in Oklahoma, gathered momentum tumbling around the world, from New York to San Francisco, and all across Europe.  She found her way to the Rocky Mountains after gathering moss in the deserts of Arizona. She is an artist, seamstress and jewelry designer.  You can see her artwork on 303 Boards’ skate decks, her jewelry at Sol Shine, and her stitch witchery on the backs of the other miscreants in One Die Short.

She is a lover of Magic: The Gathering, an occasional tabletop roleplayer, and can recite the Lord of the Rings movies in a way that’s only slightly creepy.  She knows more about Punk rock than is useful, and lives her life with one motto: “Pizza.”

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