Cody Dermon

Meet Cody Dermon, who will be playing Sorenthe whiniest Paladin to ever live:


Ryan “Cody” Dermon was born in 1886 in the Indiana hills now known as Madison. The son of a backwoods musician and a healthcare assistant, Cody was raised on a cattle farm in north eastern Kentucky. As a child the sounds of bluegrass, guitar picking, fiddle and banjo invaded his dreams, while hound dogs licked his face and feral cats slept at his feet.  Upon finding that he had no musical abilities of his own, young Cody was drawn toward other arts – drawing, painting, writing and “the big one”: acting.

At 19, Cody entered what is known in the Dermon family as “The Long Sleep”. Emerging in 2004 he immediately began devouring the pop culture of the last 104 years. To his joy, he discovered sci-fi and fantasy in literature and eventually film.  Cody has taken it upon himself to invest his time and energy into helping to restore some of the sense of wonder, enlightenment and celebration of the human imagination that the genres of sci-fi and fantasy can so ably supply.

Cody studied theatre at Morehead State University. He is currently starring in the Web Series, “The Art of Acting Out”, of which he is a co-creator. He is 27 years old.


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  1. Karen says:

    Love this! I am going to make some “name ornament” place cards for my gutses, and then they can take their ornament home and place it on their tree.

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