The Cast

One Die Short is now fully cast and currently in production.  It will premiere in early 2014, and in the mean time, you can learn all about our talented actors below!

Main Cast:


Matt Forcella (The Dungeon Master)


Pallas Ravae (Sam)


Erich Harbowy (Rob)

Will Moritz (Howie)

Will Moritz (Howie)

Player Character Cast:

Risa Best Purple_Sm

Risa Scott (Matilda)


Cody Dermon (Soren)

Marina Michelle (Thelema)

Marina Michelle (Thelema)

Supporting Cast:

Headshot 1

Roger Norquist (Lester)

B&W04 -

Kileigh Hammond (Kristin)


Meghan Truckey (Tammy)


Kenneth Berba (Kyle)

Alex Harz (Patrick)

Alex Harz (Patrick)

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