One Die Short: Season 2?

Today marks the one year anniversary of the successful completion of the One Die Short Kickstarter!  Last year on this day, I woke up, really hung-over and exhausted on Robin Thorsen’s couch, to discover that a bunch of crazy people had given me money to make a Web Series.  It was one of the most amazing, unreal, confusing, wonderful feelings I’ve ever experienced.

Over the next 6 months a bunch of total noobs figured out how to turn on cameras, pretend to be someone else, edit video and most importantly: we learned how to appropriately gauge the number of snacks necessary to feed the cast and crew.


We launched Season 1 in early February, and since then have been learning even more about marketing and promotion, and just how labyrinthian and terrifying the internet really is.  New subscribers continue to trickle in each week as we convince Conventions to let us through their doors and talk at people.



Of course, the question on all of the fans’ minds right now is: what’s up with Season 2?  To which I respond: You know, stuff and things.

The short answer is we don’t know.  There are a lot of changes going on at the moment.  Producer, co-director and lead actress, Pallas Ravae has a baby on the way.  Will Moritz, who played Howie, abandoned me to go live in Brooklyn to “pursue his dreams” or something.  You can’t pursue dreams unless you’re sleeping Will, so I hope you’re napping a lot.  Risa Scott, who played Matilda is running off to some place called “Hollywood” that I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist.

All of this means that things are in a permanent state of limbo.  Unless we can pull in some serious funding for Season 2 to consistently fly Will and Risa to Denver, it’s going to be difficult to effectively film One Die Short again.  At the very least, we will need to wait for Pallas to shoot out the baby missile, which is scheduled for launch at the end of December.

But regardless of what happens with One Die Short, Icosahedron Productions will not die and fade away.  We have several heads full of nerdery and imagination that won’t go to waste.  Ideas are being cultivated.  Discussions are being had.  Things are being thinged.  One way or another, the Geeks will still inherit the earth.

Love and Dice,

The Dungeon Master


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