Roger Norquist

Meet Roger Norquist, who will be playing Lester, the DM’s loveable stalker.  He is a brand-new character not appearing in the comic:

Headshot 1

Roger Norquist is a comedian and tabletop RPG player/GM based in Denver Colorado. He is the spawn of a human mother and human father possessed by Nyarlathotep. He performs throughout the country and has appeared in various festivals of comedic awesomeness (Laugh Track Comedy Festival, Too Much Funstival, High Plains Comedy Festival). He is also the co-host of the paranormal/comedy podcast Werewolf Radar on iTunes. When not performing comedy he plays a lot of games, listens to 70s and 80s punk music, and even reads books (right now: Ulysses and Neuromancer). He can be stalked on Facebook and Twitter. Always remember: Han shoots first.


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