Kileigh Hammond

Meet Kileigh Hammond, who will be playing the Dungeon Master’s girlfriend, Kristin, a role that will be much expanded upon from the Comic:

B&W04 -

Kileigh Hammond’s illustrious theatre career began in eighth grade, with her nonspeaking, crawling role as Milky White the Cow in Into the Woods.  Fortunately, she improved over time, and is now a “Best Thespian”, having competed in both the Colorado Thespian Convention Showcase, and the Colorado Shakespeare Competition.

Kileigh has appeared in leading roles in numerous stage productions, including The Bad Seed, The Odd Couple, Exit: The Body, and Loving Lives.  She owes a great debt to her father, best friend, and high school theatre teacher for shaping her into someone worthy of this production. This is her first venture into the realms of both Web Series and Dungeons & Dragons, and she swears (or at least hopes) that she is not an obsessive, narcissistic  sociopath like her on-screen persona.


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