Marina Michelle

Meet Marina Michelle, who will be playing the dark elf, Thelema:


Marina currently resides in Denver, Colorado where she was born and raised. She works at a coffee shop on the side while working at pursuing a career solely around her biggest passion, the arts. She dabbles in acting, performing, and fine art. She aspires to be many things in life. A belly dancer, a hip-hop dancer, pianist, linguist, professional gypsy, ultra marathon runner (and completer) entrepreneur, skateboarder, etc. In her free time you can catch Marina dancing around her house, seeing live music, rummaging through thrift stores, frolicking in nature, doodling, playing dress up, running up some mountains, and worshiping full moons.

From the time she could even have a dream of what she wanted to do when she grew up; it was to be an actor. And she is slowly but surely following that dream. Acting seems to be just the right career fit for her wild imagination.


3 Responses to Marina Michelle

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  2. SanguineVulpes says:

    i live in Denver too cant wait to see you guys

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