Drow makeup Tutorial

The One Die Short Web Series, currently in pre-production, is based on the comedic webcomic of the same name.  It follows four friends through the mayhem of life, love and roleplaying games.  Learn more here, and enjoy the comic archives above as you count down for the release of Season 1 in January of 2014!  Prepare yourself for awesome, geek overload!

At your request, we have put together a tutorial for the Drow makeup test we did for the One Die Short character Thelema.  We didn’t get as much footage as we would have liked because we weren’t anticipating creating a tutorial, so some of the instructions might not match up exactly with what’s going on in the video.  You should still be able to get all the help you need to recreate the makeup.  Enjoy!

And here are the photos from the original test:

DrowPhoto Editing by Ilana Urman.

IMG_7896A pre-touched version (without the white hair).

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4 Responses to Drow makeup Tutorial

  1. featherheadedfantasist says:

    LOVE this! Thanks so much for posting up a video and cannot wait for the web series!

  2. Wow, that turned out really nice. Good job!

    Nothing like Señor Chang on that one episode of Community, fortunately.

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