Meet the Cast: Patrick!

The One Die Short Web Series, currently in pre-production, is based on the comedic webcomic of the same name.  It follows four friends through the mayhem of life, love and roleplaying games.  Learn more here, and enjoy the comic archives above as you count down for the release of Season 1 in January of 2014!  Prepare yourself for awesome, geek overload!

Today we meet Alex Harz, who will be playing one of the guards, Patrick, who take endless pleasure in harassing weary adventurers:

Stock 2008

After being born in Spain as a neutral human commoner, Alex wandered the castle-rich lands of Germany before making the long, arduous aerial journey to the New World known as the United States. Yet, even with the great fortune of having traveled across 6 Earthly continents, Alex is still anxiously awaiting to be granted access as a summoning elemental wizard into the far more mystical & daring realms of Azeroth, Oblivion or the Ethereal Planes.

Passionate about filmmaking and adventure, with a love for being on either side of the camera, Alex is well-versed in acting, production, writing and directing. Combined with a foundation in international business, marketing, PR and events management, he utilizes this broad range of experience to help enhance and maximize the potential of the projects he is involved in. Thus, with great-axe or staff in hand, Alex is ultra-amped to be able to enter the wonderful realms of One Die Short.

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