Filming with Robin Thorsen

Here are some behind the scenes photographs from our day of filming at TRVE Brewing Co. in Denver, CO, with the amazing Robin Thorsen.  A lot of you are probably familiar with her awesomeness as Clara on The Guild, and you won’t be disappointed with her hilarity on One Die Short!  

The ubiquitous bar scene. All good shows need one.
Not only is Robin hilarious, but she also does awesome hair!
Our awesome DP, Jay and his 1st AC Anna.
Having fun on set. Except for Rob. He hates everything.
Robin with our PA, Jes and the radical Dr. Dread.
The Dungeon Master gets hassled by the bouncer.
Sometimes The Dungeon Master must also direct.
Rob still hates everything.
Even the actors get to hold lights.
Rob and Tammy show off their ass-kicking boots.

All photographs by Kristin Bennett.

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