Chapter 1

Life, Love and Roleplaying

Page 1: Dark Elves Smell Nice
Page 2: It’s Not Fair!
Page 3: Rule #11
Page 4: Hail Satan!
Page 5: Where we’re going, we don’t need rules!
Page 6: The Apathetic Adventurers
Page 7: My bad…
Page 8: Dungeons & Genderbending
Page 9: A Leaf on the Wind
Page 10: Snikt!
Page 11: Sneaky Flank
Page 12: Naughty Fairies
Page 13: And then there were three…
Page 14: Magic: the Shenanigans
Page 15: I’m a Loner, Sam.
Page 16: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Voyage to the Future
Page 17: Excessive Blood Loss Makes You Sober
Page 18: The Cross of Saint Cuthbert
Page 19: The Dark Elf’s Story
Page 20: An Orc is a what now??
Page 21: Nazi Skinheads Fuck Off
Page 22: Boring Conversation
Page 23: Ass Gazing & Geezers
Page 24: Old Man Fun Time!
Page 25: This all looks so familiar…
Page 26: Kill all Hipsters
Page 27: The Geeks Strike Back
Page 28: Kill all Men
Page 29: And Then There Were Three
Page 30: Bards? We Don’t Need No Stinking Bards!
Page 31: Vegan Straight Edge 4 Life
Page 32: Oh Captain, My Captain
Page 33: Rick Rolled!
Page 34: Reunited Again
Page 35: Into the Fire
Page 36: Never Trust a Senior Citizen
Page 37: Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends…
Page 38: A Wizard & Some Warriors
Page 39: Your Overconfidence is Your Weakness
Page 40: The Revenge of the Old Dude

All comics Copyright Matthew Forcella 2011-2013


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