Chapter 3

The Breaking of the Fellowship

Page 80: The Noble DM
Page 81: Romancing the Geek
Page 82: Geek Life Sucks
Page 83: The Big Questions
Page 84: The Return of the Ex
Page 85: Geek, Interrrupted
Page 86: Old Friends & New Beginnings
Page 87: One Point Twenty One Gigawatts
Page 88: Hannibal the Cannibal Gnome
Page 89: Illiterate Orcs
Page 90: Space Gods!
Page 91: 2012 Sucked
Page 92: Door in the Face
Page 93: Moving Day
Page 94: The Sacred Table
Page 95: Awkward Pauses
Page 96: The Tower of Aten
Page 97: Supplies!
Page 98: The Ultimate Betrayal
Page 99: Blood Fountain!
Page 100: OMG I made 100 pages

All comics Copyright Matthew Forcella 2011-2013


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