Chapter 2

Memento Mori

Page 41: TPK! WTF?
Page 42: Dungeon Master Knows Best
Page 43: Blasphemy
Page 44: No Homo
Page 45: Bella Note!
Page 46: The New Guy
Page 47: Dead at Last
Page 48: Naked Party Fun Time
Page 49: Highway to the Danger Zone
Page 50: Fight!
Page 51: That’s What She Said!
Page 52: Going Up Down
Page 53: Roleplaying From the Heart
Page 54: I’m Not Afraid!
Page 55: The Socially Retarded DM
Page 56: The Drunken DM
Page 57: Once In A Blue Moon
Page 58: I Got You a Bag of Jewels
Page 59: …And Knitting, And Knitting, And Knitting…
Page 60: Saving Throw
Page 61: Mushrooms Are Delicious
Page 62: Up and Away
Page 63: Hatin’ On The Trees
Page 64: SHAZAM!
Page 65: Balls To The Wind
Page 66: “The Naked Now
Page 67: Zardoz, Hipsters and Such
Page 68: Sci Fi Blasphemy
Page 69: Rob & Tammi
Page 70: Kill All Walls
Page 71: “Does this boob make me look fat?”
Page 72: Magic Missile to the Face
Page 73: Critical Brains
Page 74: The Party is Complete
Page 75: Another Crazy Old Dude
Page 76: The Man of My Dreams
Page 77: The Plot Weakens
Page 78: Surrounded by Idiots
Page 79: Home Again, Home Again

All comics Copyright Matthew Forcella 2011-2013


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