Page 73: Critical Brains

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2 Responses to Page 73: Critical Brains

  1. freak0nature says:

    lol. That brought back memories. One of my friends played a barbarian and we were up against some dire wolves and she had beaten this thing half retarded and it was all messed up and should have been dead but wouldn’t go down. She’d hit it and look at our DM and go “did I kill it?” and he’d be like “no”. In the end I put the poor thing out of its misery. Reason this reminded me is the whole “I got the brains. That’s critical right?” I can just see my DM going “No”. ^_^

    • Hah! Yeah, I can relate to that. It seems a common problem with barbarians. The current barbarian in my campaign often kills stuff in one or two hits, so when he doesn’t kill a dragon in one swing he’s all like “What the hell? Are you serious?”

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