Meet the Cast: The Dungeon Master!

The One Die Short Web Series, currently in production, is based on the comedic webcomic of the same name.  It follows four friends through the mayhem of life, love and roleplaying games.  Enjoy the comic archives above as you count down for the release of Season 1 in January of 2014!  Prepare yourself for awesome, geek overload!

Today, we meet Matt Forcella, creator, writer and producer for One Die Short, who will also be playing The Dungeon Master:

Photo courtesy of Mitch + Denice: Wedding Photographers

Matt is the offspring of an inter-galactic, pan-dimensional being that was vacationing on the Earth to help with the production of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  After ten awkward and uncomfortable years he realized that roleplaying was more fun than talking to people in real life, as it brought him closer to his extra-dimensional self.  He quickly rose in the gaming ranks to become the preeminent Dungeon Master of his Middle School.

At the age of twelve he was confronted by a pan-dimensional bounty hunter, because pan-dimensional beings are really racist and hate half-breeds, just like every well-constructed villain. After escaping the evil hunter’s clutches, he fled to the desert, gathering an assortment of animal companions to help him defend himself.

Eventually, he found his way into the mountains, and there he awaits the inevitable, final battle.  But he got super bored with waiting, and stockpiling swords, so he decided to put his weapons to good use and make a web series about D&D.

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  1. Sounds interesting, I might check it out sometime.

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