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Well.  It’s been a long while since I wrote anything.  What, with the Kickstarter campaign, pre-production mayhem, and now the endless weekends of filming One Die Short (P.S: the full trailer should be out this week).  But as filming winds down, I’d like to start offering my ineffable advice once again, and I really couldn’t pass up this latest question from “Galadriel”.  It would be a disservice to the entire RPG community if I ignored it:

Dear Sir, (<—- I prefer your Lordship, but Sir works too I guess)

My dungeon master over-describes situations and forces our group into situations that aren’t very enjoyable. We often have to listen to him roleplaying more than 3 characters at a time, hence we have no chance to join in.

In battles, the NPCs help our characters (there are 3 of us) and this leads to the DM being at least two members of our…

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