Behind The Scenes with Rob!

We had another great day of filming this weekend, and we’re expecting to be finished with all 7 episodes by the end of January!  A full trailer should be on its way to you after the holidays, and then just one more month of painful anticipation until One Die Short invades your face holes!   Until then, enjoy some more Behind the Scenes photos of Rob being moody.

photo 2

He-man, bass guitars, medieval weaponry and unicorns!  What’s not to like about Rob?

photo 1

That bright glare in the back is a butt-load of candles for use in Rob’s daily Satanic rituals.

photo 3

Rob getting ready to rock his own socks off.





Even our DP has to hide from Rob’s fury.


The only evidence I have that Rob is sometimes happy.


And I’ll leave you with our crazy director.

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