The One Die Short Web Show: Production Stills

We’ve finished up all the filming for our Kickstarter trailer, which should be going live the end of this week (just in time for Denver Comic Con!).  We will need everyone’s help to spread the word about this (and of course, donate some money too).  We’re all very excited about the possibilities for the show, and I hope everyone else is too.  Our wonderful friends Mitch and Denice at Montvale Photography took production stills for us to document the process, so it’s sharing time!  Now get excited, and meet the cast and crew:

denice_20130527_03_39 This is Cordelia, our badass camera lady and editing magician.

denice_20130527_11_30The Dungeon Master (that’s me), getting all makeuped.  I hates the makeup forevers.  I am also the master of EVERYTHING.

Pallas, our makeup artist and art director, who is also playing Sam.

Nick getting a touch up.  He’s playing Rob, who is still just as angry, though not nearly as white.

Sydney is playing Howie, and he is not amused.

Spencer, our Director, going over the trailer story boards with us.

Making some story board notes.  Spencer is an expert with pencils.

Gathered round the gaming table.  Please take special note of Rob’s awesome kilt and my superb collection of vintage NES games, which you can’t actually read.

Well, that’s all for now friends.  I will keep posting updates here as the process continues to unfold.  Once again, please help out however you can.  Just letting people know what we are trying to do is a huge amount of support.  Keep an eye out for the Kickstarter later this week, and as always, roll it like you mean it.

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